In App Purchasing

Both Battery Status and Lens Tracker LE offers a “Pro Upgrade” In App Purchase (IAP) that enables all the Pro functionality. We created this app to demonstrate the IAP process.
The are a few different ways to offer the end user an in-application purchase. Our IAP is classified as a ONE TIME purchase. Meaning the purchase is tied to your iTunes account and Apple Inc. will record and track the purchase. If you ever delete the app from your device (NOT from iTunes!) or maybe you purchase a new iPhone or iPod Touch; it is very easy to obtain the upgrade again and you WILL NOT have to pay a second time. All you have to do is start the upgrade process and after providing your iTunes credentials you will get a pop-up alert informing you that you already purchased the upgrade and you can download it again.

The screenshots below document the IAP process and by all means if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.


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