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Now available for all your iOS devices. (Contact) Lens Tracker Pro, the perfect app for people that wear 30-day or 14-day contact lenses. Easily track and manage your contact lenses with notifications for replacement, when to reorder and even when to schedule your next eye exam.
By all means, try out the other free apps and if they meet your needs, great! If however, you are like me and expect more from a Contact Lens tracking application, please download Lens Tracker Pro.
You won’t be disappointed.
Version 3.0: Now Available
[REQUIRES iOS 8.1] (or newer)

iOS 8.1 Today widget!

Current Version: includes an update to allow you to track each eye separately along with becoming a universal app.
Track Each Eye Separately or Both Together
Notifications even when the app isn’t running
Buffer for replacement -13 days to +15 days (for each eye too!)
In-App email of Rx information
Reminder notifications for:
* Change Contacts
* Change Left/Right Lens (if active)
* Order Contact
* Order Left/Right Lens (if active)
* Eye Exam
Set the time of day for each notification
Tap the eye to select one of six different themes
Has notifications even when the app isn’t running! 

User Feedback: A few users have emailed asking for some pretty specific features; such as the ability to select which days you wear your contacts. In almost all cases you can achieve this by altering the buffer settings.

Example: You wear 30-days lenses but only wear them during the week, so 5 days in and 2 days out. Over the course of 4 weeks (30-days) you would not wear them for 8 days. So… set the buffer to +8 and that’s it! (yes I know there could be 10 days or 6 days depending on when you start… I think overall it’s a pretty good solution, don’t you?)
We were also asked to provide the ability to track your left and right eye separately. I believe the saying is: “ask and you shall receive” 🙂

Please follow all manufacturers guidelines for proper contact lens usage.
Note: Requires iOS 4 or newer and ready for full FAS support.
Please provide feedback and request new features using the in-app email or THIS HANDY LINK. I made this app to suit my needs after trying out many other apps.

100% MUPP Compliance

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