Particle Viewer (with iAd’s)

See for yourself or show your friends some amazing particle displays. Particle Viewer saves the state so it will resume with your favorite particle display every time you launch it. Now saves the Audio state too.

Particle Viewer requires iOS 4 and fully supports FAS.
Update #1: v2.1 is now a universal app for iPhone 4.0 and higher (means iPad will require iOS 4.2).
Update #2: The iPad version WILL HAVE iAd’s in early 2011(1)
Super easy to use:
* Tap the center of the screen to switch between 23 very cool particle displays.
* Tap the upper-left corner to toggle the sound on or off.
* Tap the upper-right corner to disable iAd’s (IAP).
* Clear the saved particle display
* Enable a fade effect when switching displays
Particle displays by description:
Light Rain, Snow Storm, Down the Drain, Candle, Blue Flower, Trippy, Vortex, Expanding Galaxy, Lava Flow, Shooting Stars, Blue Swirl, Fire Comet, Cosmic Cloud, Twinkling Stars, Spiral Worm, Galaxy Forming, Butterflies, Hypnotronic, Confetti, Volcano, Burning Sun, Water Fountain, Boiling Fire
If you like Particle Viewer and would like something added to it – please let us know and if possible, we will update the app.
We use the following in this application:
OpenGL Engine: the fantastic cocos2d 2D game engine, more information at:
Particle Designer: 71squared, more information at:
If you have any suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us at
100% MUPP Compliance
Note: These images show the placement of the iAd banner. It will only display if there is an available ad. Particle Viewer is available in the US store, only.
(1) Apple announced (on the developer forums) that iPad iAd’s will begin in early 2011.

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