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(Contact) Lens Tracker LE is a (free) version of Lens Tracker Pro.
Now offers two In App Purchases: (1)
Notifications” – activates all notifications
Track Left-Right” – allows you to track each eye.
Version 3.0: Available now!
[REQUIRES iOS 8.1] (or newer)

iOS 8.1 Today widget!

Version 2.0: is now a Universal app and allows you to track each eye (requires an additional “Track Left-Right” IAP). Please see LTP for iPad and additional images.
Note to existing users that purchased the “Pro Upgrade”. You will automatically activate the “Track Left-Right” function. Did we have to do this? Certainly not but it was the “right” thing to do.

Regarding this review: “This app needs a way to input specific days that you wear your contact lenses. It also needs to have an entry box for the time of day that you put the lenses on, and a countdown timer that will alert you to remove your lenses after a preset time.

Our reply: It sounds like that would make for an incredibly overly complicated app, just to track your contacts. I may be wrong but since this person made no effort to contact us (even with the included “Email: Developer Feedback” button) I will dismiss it as a fellow developer looking to trash my app. However, if Wesley G would like to email me I’d be more than happy to discuss the possibility of future additions to Lens Tracker Pro.  Please also see the following since one of his/her “complaints” is already addressed using the buffer setting.
User Feedback: A few users have emailed asking for some pretty specific features; such as the ability to select which days you wear your contacts. In almost all cases you can achieve this by altering the buffer settings.
Example: You wear 30-days lenses but only wear them during the week, so 5 days in and 2 days out. Over the course of 4 weeks (30-days) you would not wear them for 8 days. So… set the buffer to +8 and that’s it! (yes I know there could be 10 days or 6 days depending on when you start… I think overall it’s a pretty good solution, don’t you?)

Please follow all manufacturers guidelines for proper contact lens usage.

Note: Requires iOS 4 or newer.
Buffer for replacement -13 days to +15 days
In-App email of Rx information
Tap the eye to select one of six different themes
IAP Upgrade features:
Track Left and Right eye separately
Notifications even when the app isn’t running
Track Each Eye separately
Set the time of day for each notification
Reminder notifications for:
* Change Contacts
* Change Left/Right Lens (if active)
* Order Contact
* Order Left/Right Lens (if active)
* Eye Exam
Please provide feedback and request new features using the in-app email or THIS HANDY LINK. I made this app to suit my needs after trying out many other apps.

(1) We offer two IAP’s because not everyone needs or wants to track each eye separately, thus you shouldn’t have to pay for a feature you don’t want / need.

iOS 4 Ready for full FAS support.
100% MUPP Compliance

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