Calorie Count Down

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Available NOW for all your iOS devices. Simple to use, track your weekly and daily calories. Super convenient; displays remaining calories on app badge (yeah we thought it was pretty cool too). The ONLY calorie tracking app in the store to offer this feature.

If you find the price too high (perhaps you just can’t forgo that Starbucks grande, full-whip, double-shot expresso), stay tuned for the trial, er, “Lite” version where you can give it a test run, for free.

By all means, try out any of the other free Calorie apps and if they meet your needs, great! If however, you are like me and want a super easy to use calorie tracking application, please download Calorie Count Down.

You won’t be disappointed.

User Feedback: 
I love the app and it is helping me slowly lose weight. Frankly I like it better than weight watchers.

iOS5_Required  iOS7_Ready

Version 2.6: Available Now


You must enter calories manually – “Oh the humanity!” <- sorry I’ve read way too many iTunes reviews.

HOWEVER, we feel VERY confident in the way we have implemented both the FAVORITES and the HISTORY functions that you’ll never have to enter an item twice. In addition, nearly all those app that have 30,000 – 100,000 item databases; you’ll find that you must STILL manually edit the data!

NO LOGIN REQUIRED, we also don’t like having to create an account JUST to open an app so there is NO login required at all to use Calorie Count Down. Just launch it, configure it and use it!

HAVE FUN We have used several other calorie apps and usually I give up after about 3 days because it’s just so damn slow and tedious entering every single piece of food! (Of course they have a huge food database that actually makes it slower!). A huge benefit of our fast data entry featuring our unique 2-Tap Access™ to HISTORY & FAVORITES is YOU create as detailed entry as you want. If you want to create 4 items for your lunch, great. But if you frequently eat similar meals, you can create the entire meal so it is very fast to re-use that item over and over.


See your remaining calories RIGHT ON YOUR HOME SCREEN (app badge)
Weekly and Daily calorie tracking
Set reminder notifications for anything you want AND make them repeat daily or weekly. Super handy to remind you to snack in between meals
Track your weight
Protect access to the application with a passcode PIN
Super quick access to HISTORY with one tap “Add to Favorites” function
Super quick access to FAVORITES
Search function to Calorie King web site built right in
Automatically archives the previous week
Full access to archived data with one tap “Add to Favorites” function

Note: We do not provide any built-in database for your meal items. Provided you have access to the Internet or you can read the calories off the package, you are pretty much all set. 😉

RATIONALE: The rationale behind Calore Count Down is quite simple. Your body requires “x” amount of calories to maintain it’s weight and “y” amount to loose weight. So, if in one weeks time you consume “y” amount of calories you will loose weight. If during the course of a week you go over your allotted daily calories; don’t fret as long as you stay within your targeted weekly amount you should be just fine(1)

(1) Within reason, of course

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