iOS 4 multitasking allows users of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 3rd generation devices to keep applications running for fast access. This is called Fast Application Switching (FAS).

After you launch an application that properly supports FAS you can switch to another app by pressing the home button, just as you did in the previous iPhone OS OR you can now double-press the home button to access the app switcher row. This side scrolling row at the bottom of the screen where your dock was allows quick access to all the apps that are running.
BONUS TIP: Scroll it all the way to the left to access the media player controls and the new screen rotation lock.

Link to Apple’s preview of multitasking.

We are very pleased to announce that many of our apps have already been updated to fully support FAS and are pending review by Apple.

Qwik Text
Yada 6 – Pro
Yada 6 – Work
Yada 6 – Family
Yada 6 – Friends
Elemental – PToE
Battery Status Pro
Hyper WARP
Hyper WARP Lite
Battery Status

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