About Us

Mission Statement

We are iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch specialists). Our goal is to produce high quality, easy-to-use iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications.


We don’t hide behind some cool, hip name like “flying flamingo game studio” (apologies to the flying flamingo’s). My name is Gregory Meach and MeachWare is a family owned and operated business. We build quality into each and every application we publish.

Every day we strive to provide the absolute best customer service in the industry. We are committed to iOS application development and will be here doing just that for the foreseeable future.


Development Strategy:
Date: 2014-10-01
“We will fully support iOS 8.x users and the newer devices that run on it.”


Test Devices

Ever wonder what a developer uses to test his/her applications?

Well wonder no more… 🙂

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