Quality and Assurance

I was curious about a number, that number was how many app submissions and updates have we done. So I started counting and here is what I found:

We have submitted 31 Apps to the AppStore and 30 were approved(1) and released.

For those 30 approved apps we have submitted 132 updates. Of those; 130 updates went flawlessly and did not loose any customer data. There was 1 update, early on in the WARP gce app that unfortunately did end up breaking and loosing some players saved games. <- that bothered me and we learned from it, and well it hasn’t happened since. The other was actually the release of WARP gce, we never released v1.0 due to a problem we found and ended up releasing v1.1.

So what’s the point? I guess it’s to reassure you that we know what we are doing, we care about what we do and we treat your data just as if it was our own. Oh and that are going to keep doing it well into the foreseeable future. 🙂


(1) We developed a Utility app very early on (2009) to help purge the limited memory on a device, as opposed to rebooting your device. That pretty much meant Apple would have to admit there was indeed a memory problem (which there was 😉 ) and yeah, that app never saw the light of day.

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