Busy, busy and more busier?

Sorry again for the lack of updates to the site (see previous post). We’ve been super busy with the launch of our 7-pack of free cocos2d games (last fall/winter) and then along came WWDC13 and iOS 7.

YIKES! One simple change on Apple’s part(1) basically broke several of our apps including all the Hyper WARP’s, WARP gce AND Lens Tracker.

We are in the home-stretch and in the final stages of testing WARP gce (Hyper WARP’s are all updated). The current version of Lens Tracker IS FULLY iOS 7 compatible, right now! Worry not, as ALL of our apps WILL BE iOS 7 COMPATIBLE well before the release of iOS 7.


(1) Apple decided to stop treating a UIAlertView as a proper sub-class of UIView (which, of course it still is!). That meant our alerts with the cool sliders and images all basically broke in iOS 7.

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