While iOS 5 is in beta it is under an non disclosure agreement (NDA). Supposedly all developers are to comply with the NDA. I know we do.

The Apple developer forums even have a shiny red “Apple Confidential Information” banner across the top of all the iOS 5 Beta forums.


What can be discussed outside those forums:

Anything displayed / talked about during the keynote, basically the 10 items (see Apple web site)


What should NOT be discussed outside those forums:


Screenshots – NO

YouTube videos – NO

Showing your neighbor / friends – NO (unless they have agreed to the same agreement) Maybe, if it was shown in the keynote but probably still no.


I WOULD LOVE TO POST SCREENSHOTS and videos here on our website but I WILL NOT because it is not right. However when I see posts on [redacted] that even include youtube videos of some guy in Poland showing iOS 5 on his iPhone 3GS, yeah it ticks me off…

Sorry for the vent, just makes me mad.


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