2010 Summary

First and foremost – thank-you to all of you that have supported us by purchasing our apps. We greatly appreciate it.

The year is coming to a close and we’ve learned a lot this year and tried to provide all our customers with excellent service and support. Throughout the year Apple released several updates including the iPad, iOS 4.0 and then most recently iOS 4.2(.1). We stayed ahead of the curve and when we needed to we provided updates to all our apps to continue to provide you with high quality applications. Sometimes these updates were actually well ahead of most everyone else and we take a lot of pride in that.

Now onto what we didn’t do so well at… forecasting and time management. Quite honestly we fell down hard on this one and apologize for all the delays. While I can’t promise that we will make a complete turn-around in 2011, I can and do promise that we will become even more transparent in our progress and development activities. Look for even more activity on our blog.

We are really excited about what next year will bring and look forward to getting all our ideas into applications available on the store.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

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